jamie anderson is an art director and designer with a focus on thematic direction and surface design. her roots in traditional print & paper crafts lend to an organic and thoughtful design process. after a serendipitous career start in the music industry, she segued into managing a roster of clients in the art and apparel worlds. print and pattern work has been featured in new york fashion week, fashion magazine, flare and the national post and most recently vancouver's parq casino. 
thriving on idea sharing and meaningful collaboration, she pushes to deliver a wide range of creative solutions for valued clients including obakki and obakki foundation, lululemon athletica, kit and ace, farmboy fine arts and townline homes.

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FORT DESIGN STUDIO offers tailored design solutions for creative markets; from print and pattern design, concept development and customized visual content to delivery of turnkey design packages.

contacting FORT DESIGN STUDIO for commissions, atelier brand development, id + communication design, art direction and consultation can be done here.